“Rockwood”, Grasmere, Lake District

Traditional Lakeland Cottage - Sleeps 8 to 12 - Quiet Location - Pets Welcome - Free WiFi - 10 minutes Stroll to Grasmere’s Traditional Pubs & Restaurants - Short Breaks - Pets welcome

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Secure Holidays

These days we seem to be hearing more and more about holiday rental scams in the press. Sensational stories are cropping up featuring families who turn up at holiday accommodation only to find out that they have been scammed and that the property either doesn’t exist or they have paid over their money to a fraudster who is not the owner. Whilst this is a real problem when it does happen, it is, thankfully, still quite unusual and if you take some basic precautions you can significantly reduce the risk of it happening to you.

It’s not just about scams though. You need to know that you are dealing with reputable and responsible owners who ensure that they comply fully with all safety and taxation legislation, so that any risk to your holiday is minimised.

So how can you be sure we are who we say we are?

We accept credit and debit card payments

Getting the necessary Merchant Agreement to do this requires us to have a legitimate and verified business bank account and that all credit card payments are fully PCI secure. By using a credit card for your booking you automatically gain some security under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act against fraud even if you only use it to pay the deposit. This legislation gives you the right to claim against your credit card company if there is a problem with your purchase. For the rules to apply, the accommodation must cost at least £100, but you don’t need to pay the full price using a credit card. As long as, the property rental costs more than £100 in total, you could pay the deposit using your card and still be entitled to your money back in the event of a problem.

We are registered for VAT

As a professional and transparent business, we have to register for VAT. If required we can provide VAT invoices for you.

Secure Credit Card Payments via Paypal

Rockwood Cottage Reservation /Good Housekeeping Deposit Payment (£250.00)

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Reservation / Good Housekeeping Deposit: Please note that the £250.00 Reservation & Damage Deposit includes a £100 damage deposit. This will be refunded in full to you on the same card via Paypal after your stay provided there has been no damage to the property or contents or we are charged with high cleaning bills as a result of your stay. However the Damage Deposit or Reservation deposit is not refundable if you cancel before the full rental has been paid.